Gary Grawshaw - Personal Training Testimonials

"Having never imagined that I would employ a personal trainer I took the plunge hired Gary six months ago. My fitness body image and self esteem levels were at an all time low and I couldn't find the motivation within myself to go it alone. I'd had had three babies in 4 years and had not done a stroke of exercise in that time. Gary has worked with me weekly since then and I am starting to feel like me again. He has been brilliant and great fun to work with. He has tailored my sessions, increasing the complexity and intensity of the exercises as my strength and fitness grow. He has motivated me into exercising in the week between the sessions and suggested short abridged programs that I can work in around the children. I have lost a lot of weight in the process, I have gone down a whole dress size and three belt holes. I feel good, my friends tell me I look great and my 5 year old daughter even thinks that I have got taller since Gary has been coming! All in all I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you do what he tells you to you will get the results you want."

- Rosie, Wantage

"When I first met Gary I had poor cardio-vascular strength and lacked confidence in my own physical ability. Gary took this on board and carefully pushed me forward with an extremely well thought out training programme. A year ago I couldn't run further than 100 metres. Now I can run for 5kms! I am absolutely delighted with this result and would recommend Gary to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness."

- Alan Davies, Managing Director, Abingdon

"Training with Gary Crawshaw is hard work and a lot of fun. He understands how to build a client's confidence in their own ability and is motivated by his clients' successes. Gary trains with you every step of the way and offers support and guidance on all aspects of fitness and nutrition. His knowledge of the human body enables him to spot strengths and weaknesses and devise the right training programme for each individual. I can't recommend Gary highly enough. If you train with him you will get the results you're looking for."

- Claire Gordon, Managing Director (3G Communications), Banbury

"I have lost 4 stones in 4 months, going from 18 stone to 14. Gary’s nutritional help has been invaluable and constant. I have been impressed with how my body has toned from the hard but enjoyable programmes I have been taken through. The results are clear to see so everyone keeps telling me!"

- John Salter, Salters Boatyard, Oxford

"My husband gave me twelve sessions with Gary for a Christmas present two years ago and he has been coming once a week ever since! His sessions are great fun and although one works hard in them, they never seem a chore, partly because he comes up with such a variety of different activities and one feels oneself becoming fitter very rapidly. He is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and is constantly doing further courses to expand that knowledge. He tailors his work outs for each individual client, depending what you want to work on and what you want to achieve. He is very helpful when it comes to nutrition and gives the best sports massage anywhere. My husband says it is the best massage he has ever had and I wholeheartedly agree with him."

- Ruth Corfield, Wantage

"Every session with Gary is entertaining and well thought out. The thorough research and preparation means that training is aligned to my needs and circumstances. I just wouldn't train without Gary!"

- John Walliker, Jelly Marketing, Faringdon

"Although I have been unable to exercise with Gary as my knees are severely arthritic he has given me the most amazing nutritional advice and support. I have now lost 23 lbs in 3 months and this has taken a lot stress off my knees and I have now started cycling and swimming. I can’t thank him enough."

- Michael Hogg, Bicester

"Gary has been an excellent personal trainer. I had several problems with back pain which have now disappeared entirely. I am much stronger and healthier than before, and am happy now to include exercise in my weekly routine. Gary is a tremendously supportive - yet discreet - presence, who knows how to give individual attention where it is needed."

- Dr Ruth Harris, Author, Oxford

"Gary has a genuine enthusiasm for improving the health and fitness of his clients. He is an experienced and knowledgeable trainer who devises bespoke training programmes tailored to an individual's own strengths and weaknesses. He will move you forward at exactly the right moment and expects you to work hard. The hard work is repaid with results, which motivates Gary as much as it does his clients."

Rachel Wood, Faringdon